People like us.

“She is exceptional at telling a powerful story and positioning a brand in a way delivers its purpose better than all others. Marni is one of the best brand strategists I’ve ever worked with.”

- Sonny Stafford,
Chief Marketing Officer
Bonafide Health

“It was an absolute joy to work with Marni. She was more than a consultant, she really became a part of our team and a great thought partner. Her brand book and revised brand strategy has reinvigorated the whole organization.”

- Tom Fuchs,
Director of Brand
“Marni’s process dug into every part of who were as founders in a way that felt like therapy. It all came together in presentations and decks that felt like we were seeing our vision in a completely new light. On top of that creativity and strategy, Marni was fast, efficient, and professional to make sure we could build the brand in time for our launch.”

- Nick Martell + Jack Kramer,
Hosts and Co-Founders
The Best One Yet