People like us.

“She is exceptional at telling a powerful story and positioning a brand in a way delivers its purpose better than all others. Marni is one of the best brand strategists I’ve ever worked with.”

Sonny Stafford

Chief Marketing Officer

Bonafide Health
“It was an absolute joy to work with Marni. She was more than a consultant, she really became a part of our team and a great thought partner. Her brand book and revised brand strategy has reinvigorated the whole organization.”

Tom Fuchs 

Director of Brand

“Marni’s process dug into every part of who were as founders in a way that felt like therapy. It all came together in presentations and decks that felt like we were seeing our vision in a completely new light. On top of that creativity and strategy, Marni was fast, efficient, and professional to make sure we could build the brand in time for our launch.”

Nick Martell + Jack Kramer

Hosts and Co-Founders 

The Best One Yet